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View Camera Lens



Nikon Apo-Nikkor 480mm F/9 View Camera Lens Vintage


Horseman LE 4x5 View Camera with 210 Symmar Lens, f/64 padded case, film holders


Graflex Graphic 4X5 Monorail View Camera w/ Lens, Case, Film Holders, etc. NICE


B&J Burke & James Orbit 4x5 view Camera w/lens and 6 film holders &polaroid back


VINTAGE Nikon Apo-Nikkor 1:9 480mm Process View Camera Lens!


Grover By Burke and James 4X5" Monorail View Camera with Lens Board


4 X 5 View Camera Lens Graphic 5.6-64 Rodenstock-Rotelar 270 mm on 4" X 4" board


View Camera / Copy Camera Lens 90mm, f=4.5, no shutter, Made in Japan, w/flange


Neewer Wide Angle Lens Compatible with DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal for Large View


1965 Minolta Autocord I 422651 TLR Camera 75mm F3.5 Citizen MVL View Rokkor Lens


Toyo Omega View D45 4X5 Camera Setup With 4 Lenses, Boards, Holders, More


FujiFilm Fujinon W 180mm F/5.6 View Camera Lens


Rodenstock Ysaron 105mm f=4.5 lens in Prontor shutter for copy or view camera


Seiko COPAL #3 no3 Shutter f5.6 Black for Large format NO LENS 8x10 5x7 4x5 view


Cambo 4" x 5" View Camera Complete with Lenses and travel case!


KODAK 405mm PORTRAIT LENS Soft Focus Large Format View Camera Beautiful


Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic I Camera & lens USED Cover,strap,lg view rubber hood


Nikon Apo-Nikkor 760mm F:11 View Camera Lens Vintage Wet Plate 16x20 RARE


Calumet 4x5 View Camera with Caltar II-N 150mm F5.6 lens, complete kit


Graphex 6.8-32 90 mm Optar 3 1/2" 90 mm 4 X 5 View Camera Lens recessed


4x5 Large Format View Camera Kit Cambo SC Includes 3 lenses & more.


Pro Calumet 4x5 View Rail Camera CC-400 Case 120 C2 Roll Film Holder Symmar Lens


Konica Hexanon 110mm F4 View Camera Lens with Copal-0 Shutter


Ikeda 4x5 Cherrywood Field View Camera - 2 lenses - Fujinon 125MM 5.6 - 64 and C


Toyo-View Calltar-S II 6" 1:150mm f:5.6 Multicoating Calumet lens for 4x5 camera


Zone VI, 4x5 "Classic" Field View Camera, Honduras Mahogany, with 135mm


Goerz W.A. Dagor 6 1/2" f8.0 view lens in a Wollensak Rapax shutter. X sync


BJ Orbit 4x5 view camera, lens, and shipping container


Caltar II-E 210mm f6.8 (Rodenstock Geronar) 4x5 View Camera Lens (9826-7)


SMC Pentax-M Macro 100mm F4.0 1:1 Macro K Mount Prime Lens Incl Finder View Pic!


Ilex 90mm f8 4x5 View Camera Lens in Copal Shutter (9114-6)


Vintage Folmer & Schwing Large Format View Camera, 2 Lens.